Fall 2015

2015 ACPC Show New York

"The ACPC 2015 in New York was a great success as many contacts were made, with a total of 24 meetings with airlines, as well as meetings with many existing customers like Jet International, New Gen, TrueAero, Kellstrom, Infinity Trading, Aero Direct, Ranger Air, A & E Aerogroup, Aerotrends, GA Telesis, STS, Hawk Aviation, ETI, Able Engineering, Heico, CTL, Avtrade, Ansett, AeroTurbine, Aeroxchange, Hawkeye Engine Services, Infinity Air, Killick, Magellan, MD Turbines, MidAmerican, Millennium International, Mitchell Aircraft, TurboJet, Unical & VAS. This show is great for meeting new and existing customers. I also enjoyed sharing the sights of New York, visiting the 9/11 Museum, and paying tribute to the brave men and women who gave their lives to save others.  "         

                                     -Marshall Olger


~ Marshall Olger, V.P. of Sales and Product Development and Jill Brown Repair Station Operations Planning Manager talking to NEW GEN AEROSPACE after the ACPC show in New York. 


AOG Travel Team in Turkey

A Big Job in Istanbul, Pendik,Turkey, PCS is finishing up on A330TR's and cowl doors with Brian Brackrog & Steve Tipton. Great job guys!


 Quality Team Highlights

Lydia Brenk analyzing the tank contents of our PAA line in a process called titration. She is making sure the chemical concentration levels are within spec. 



Eric Erickson using one of our Romer arms with laser scan for quality control measurements. We currently have 2 Romer arms with laser scan for our quality team to use.  

Mike Miller operating our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) We use lots of different metrology and Calibration tools to ensure the highest quality for our customers.


PCS Marketing Fall MRO Events

MRO in Europe October 13-15 in London ~ Jill Brown Repair Station Operations Planning Manager

MRO Asia in Singapore November 3-5 ~ Marshall Olger VP of Sales & Product Development

NBAA in Las Vegas November 17-19 ~ Marshall Olger VP of Sales & Product Development, Chris Mulvahill OEM Division Manager, & Erick Martin Test Nacelle Equipment Division Manager

Marshall Olger marshall.olger@phoenix-mi.com 

Chris Mulvahill chris.mulvahill@phoenix-mi.com 

Erick Martin  erick.martin@phoenix-mi.com 

Jill Brown jill.brown@phoenix-mi.com